Our Offer

By Photon Density Wave Spectroscopy, we are addressing strongly light scattering materials in a large number of industries, including polymer, food stuff, biotechnology and cosmetics.

For the analysis of your processes a number of specific fiber-optical probes are available. The probes are mainly made of glass, PTFE and stainless steel and contain no movable or electronic parts. Thus, the probes can be easily applied in critical process environments. The probe is connected to the spectrometer by optical fibers of > 20 m length. Customer specific requirements (glass-free, other metals, high pressure etc.) can be met.

PDW Spectroscopy can be installed inline or in a by-pass cycle, in ports of typically 15 - 25 mm. Besides electricity for the spectrometer, no other media are needed.
Your samples can be analyzed, amongst others, to characterize:

  • Optical coefficients: Independent quantification of the reduced scattering coefficient and the absorption coefficient, as the material properties describing the optical appearance
  • Particle size: Dilution-free measurement of particle size and an estimation of the particle size distribution, based on light scattering
  • Composition analysis: e.g. off-color, attrition particles
  • Dependent light scattering: Optimal concentration for highest turbidity
  • Optical design: Exact color in turbid systems
  • Particle stability & particle interactions: Stability studies by e.g. various types of titrations or dilution series

Typically, before PDW Spectroscopy is applied for inline analysis, we characterize your samples in the lab, to define the optimal measurement parameters.